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Looking For Life Insurance In Lethbridge Shouldn't Be Difficult

Let's Make It Easy!

Where do you start?

There are many reasons to need life insurance. Once you’ve realized it’s time to get a life insurance policy, you’re going to have some questions… How much coverage does someone need? What will the cost be? Who do I even talk to?

No need to stress! Life insurance should be kept simple: A life insurance policy needs to have the proper amount of coverage that fits for your specific situation & needs to be affordable.

At Kranzler Financial Services Inc. (KFS Inc.) we are able to contract and quote with every major insurance company in Canada. You, the client, will benefit from our expertise. KFS Inc. will do all of the work so you can get the right policy for the best price!

If it’s time to protect your life and loved ones, please submit your information. A life insurance solution is waiting for you!

This is exactly why was created.

We are able to put the purchasing power of our clients to work by getting Life Insurance companies to compete for their business. We will shop the multiple companies we am contracted with to get clients the best policy at the best price the market has to offer. Life Insurance should be kept very simple: get the proper amount of coverage at a price that fits your budget!

First Steps

The Life Insurance Process

  1. Complete a Life Insurance Needs Analysis in order to find out how much life insurance you actually need.
  2. Discuss all of the life insurance options that are available and which policies would be suitable for your situation.
  3. Apply for the most suitable life insurance policy that fits your budget.
  4. Work with an advisor who can guide you through the whole process.

New Home Purchase

It’s a great feeling to know you are a homeowner. It’s proof that hard work pays off. And home is where the heart is. It’s your comfort zone, your place to rest and feel safe. The place your family flourishes and grows and where great memories are made. You’ve worked hard for your home and for your family and you want to protect it. Your house came with a mortgage and you’re concerned about what would happen to your family if you unexpectedly passed away… could your family pay the bills? Will they have to sell the house and downsize?...

No, they don’t have to. Protect your house, your family and those cherished memories. In the event of a tragedy, Life Insurance provides protection. Life insurance will allow your loved ones to own the home mortgage free so they don’t have to struggle to pay bills or have to sell the house and downsize just to survive. Life Insurance provides the financial protection we all need for ourselves and our loved ones.

Starting a Family

All parents naturally want to protect and provide for their children. So what does a parent do to protect their child when they can’t be there? Unfortunately, tragedy can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time and it happens all too often. Get the protection your family deserves!

Life Insurance will help protect your family’s quality of life. It’s hard enough to lose a loved one and financial obligations such as the mortgage, car loan, child care, food, education, medical bills, etc. only increase that stress. Life Insurance can provide parents with the peace of mind they desire by financial protecting their family.


You date, you grow, you love, you commit. Congratulation! You’ve found love and you’ve gotten married. Life is great and you couldn’t imagine any other life the life you are continuing to build with your partner. You protect the one you love physically, mentally & emotionally…. but what about financially?

Protect the life you’ve built for your partner! Life Insurance can provide the stability your partner will need in the event of your death. You want your partner to heal in a healthy way. Financial burdens are the leading cause of stress in this world. A life insurance policy will ease that burden on your loved one. Don’t lose the quality of life that you build together. You can protect and preserve it through Life Insurance.

Business Owner

What will happen to your business in the event of tragedy?
Think about a situation where your business partner passes away unexpectedly… how will your business proceed? Do you know who inherits your partner’s business interest in your company? Is it his or her spouse or children? Have you considered business buy/sell life insurance?

Here is a simple example:
ABC Corp is owned by Olivia (50%) and Maddison (50%).
ABC Corp is worth $100,000

Olivia and Maddison agree that in the event that one of them passes away, the surviving partner would like to have the first opportunity to purchase the deceased partners share of ABC Corp. Each partner's share is worth $50,000. Olivia and Maddison agree to purchase a buy/sell life insurance policy for each of them in the amount of $50,000. Now both Olivia and Maddison are protected in the event of the others death.

If, for example, Olivia passes away, Maddison would receive the payout on Olivia’s life insurance policy. Maddison would use that $50,000 to purchase Olivia’s 50% ownership in ABC Corp from Olivia’s estate &/or beneficiaries. Now Maddison controls 100% of ABC Corp, and Olivia’s beneficiaries were immediately compensated for their value in ABC Corp. Keep in mind, all of this should be well documented in the companies Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (USA).

**All companies should have a USA completed and on record with a lawyer.

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