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You probably have loved ones dependent on you, or a mortgage to pay for, or a Legacy you want to leave.
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Protection equals peace of mind. No one wants to leave a financial burden on a loved one.
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Looking For Life Insurance Can Be Difficult

How much coverage should you have? Which Company should you use? What will it cost? And where do you start?

I have noticed one irritating fact when it comes to Lethbridge & Area residents seeking Life Insurance… They don’t know where to start! Banks can’t offer personal life insurance policies, and if people don’t know a friend or family member in the Life Insurance Industry, then where does someone begin this process?

This is exactly why in 2013 I created

My name is Kevin Kranzler and I have been a fully licensed Life Insurance / Accident & Sickness Broker since 2008, and as a Broker I am able to put the purchasing power of my clients to work by getting Life Insurance companies to complete for their business. I will shop the multiple companies I am contracted with to get clients the best policy at the best price the market has to offer. Life Insurance should be kept very simple: get the proper amount of coverage at a price that fits your budget!

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What Do I Do?

I sit down with clients and LISTEN to their financial situation, considering both the personal needs and wants in regards to lifestyle and the quality of life that they can afford. It’s my job to make a recommendation that is in my client’s best interest. I recommend a suitable amount of coverage that is needed and then we find an acceptable policy that fits into my client’s budget. I do the shopping, get the information, and give the advice. At the end of the day it’s my clients who make the decisions, after all, it’s their money and their portfolio!

Crabb Family  - Updated Pic Oct.2015

James & Ashley know all too well of the unpredictable complications that can arise when raising a family. Luckily, with sufficient Life Insurance Policies in place, they know that their family’s quality of life will be protected in the event of a tragedy.

Get your financial security today! Let me help you find a life insurance policy that best fits your needs.


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